Who We Are.

We were once digital marketers like you: grappling with the fast pace of the newly developing online world of ecommerce and website optimization to ensure ecommerce success. As digital marketing has evolved, many tools, philosophical approaches, and standard practices have evolved with it.


Digital marketing — from ecommerce websites to SEO, PPC, marketing automation, social media, analytics and conversion optimization — is now a mature professional field.


At Next Steps Digital, we’re moving forward. Come with us.


What We’re Building.


We understand the different roles marketers play and what you face day-to-day, whether you’re an associate, a mid-level manager, or the CMO.


We have worked in the digital marketing trenches at corporations like IBM and Cisco Systems, and at our own successful startups. Our series of Master Classes is here to provide you with a deeper understanding of what have become foundational components of your profession.


You don’t have to wonder whether your ecommerce website and digital marketing programs are performing as they should.


You don’t have to see the tools and technology hawked in the latest blog posts fail and leave you back at square one.


You don’t have to worry that your staff isn’t up to speed and there’s no time for on-the-job training — or that you’re not getting the training you need to succeed.


You don’t have to watch customers come and then abandon your site, and wonder why.


You don’t have to tell higher-ups that you think things are going; you can show them — and with more than just bottom-line revenue numbers.


We’re using years of professional practice and insight to make the strategies, tools and resources available to professional digital marketers at all levels, and to teach them how to build and run highly successful ecommerce marketing programs.


We believe in data-driven marketing decisions, not guesswork, not the latest fads or hacks. We believe that successful ecommerce websites are designed to meet customers’ needs and provide the best possible user experience. We believe in using the technological tools available to create, implement and measure successful, revenue-producing digital marketing programs.


The next steps in digital marketing are upon us. We are taking them, and we want to take you along with us.


Your Next Steps Digital Pros